The Wheat Field (2021.02)

Allow me to introduce the title of the new bishop’s column, “Mugi-batake (Wheat Field).”  The bimonthly newsletter I had been sending out to everyone of the diocese while I was a student at the Central Theological College was titled “Mugi-batake (Wheat Field).”  (The title had been teased by Bishop Hoyo as “doku-mugi (poisonous wheat).  I appreciate your kind support.

With that aside, at the bishop’s consecration and installation held on October 24 of last year, I gave a greeting in Japanese, English, and Korean.  Each content was different, but I received many questions about what I had said in Korean, so I will introduce an outline below.

“I myself have learned a great deal from the relationship with the Anglican Church of Korea and the ecumenical youths, whom I met about 40 years ago.  The Diocese of Chubu has also concluded a sister-diocese relationship with the Anglican Diocese of Seoul in 1995 and has since supported its deep mutual relationship.  In 1996, the Anglican Church in Japan adopted the ‘Declaration Regarding War Responsibility of the Anglican Church’ during the General Synod, in which it confessed to its crime by admitting the responsibility of supporting and consenting tacitly to the colonial rule and war of aggression.  Afterwards, the Anglican Church in Japan welcomed many priests from the Anglican Church of Korea, who have made significant contributions to missionary activities throughout Japan.  Even in the Diocese of Chubu, Revd. Yoonsic Jung and Revd. Sunhee Kim are putting their hearts into offering pastoral care.  I do hope that Diocese of Chubu Anglican Church in Japan, Anglican Church of Korea, and the ecumenical will be able to further deepen various exchanges.”

Currently, missionary activities and pastoral care are not possible within any of the dioceses of Anglican Church in Japan without the presence of priests from Korea.  However, we would like to, at all times, be aware of the meaning of its realization and history.

The Rt Revd Francis of Assisi Renta Nishihara