Nippon Sei Ko Kai offers traditional services according to the “Book of Common Prayer” common to the Anglican/Episcopal churches worldwide. Maybe you have never experienced an Anglican/Episcopal service before, but no need to worry. No matter what background you are from or have no background at all, God will be happy about your coming to church, and God will protect and bless us. So, why don’t you come and join us.

Just follow the crowd during services, though not necessary, for a deeper understanding. Don’t be too concerned about mimicking the others; just get a feel of the service, atmosphere, and message being conveyed.


Sunday Service

Just in case you are a first-timer at church, let us introduce you to some of our services to make you feel at home.

Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist (Communion) is the most important service for us. It originated from “The Last Supper” of Jesus with his disciples. Listening to the stories from the Bible and receiving the bread and wine as the body and blood of Jesus still continue to this day.
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Service of the Word

A service of prayers held by the congregation to deepen the understanding of the Word of God.
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We welcome newcomers and will be more than happy to assist and answer any questions you may have. If you would just like to be in a peaceful atmosphere or look around, please do not hesitate to do so.

The Steps of Life and Service


A wedding at a church is a place where the couple, giving their wedding vows according to God’s Holy Law, is brought together through this Holy matrimony, to love, to respect, to comfort, to help one another, and to be together until parted by death.

As a member of the Anglican Communion, often represented by St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in England, we offer a wedding ceremony based on the same traditional style as the Royal Wedding. It will unquestionably be a special time for the two as well as for the people attending the ceremony.



Wake and funeral services are ceremonies that pray for the soul of the deceased to send it off to God for an eternal life in Heaven. Therefore, there are both happiness and hope within the sadness of a funeral, and the ceremony further strengthens the relationship between the deceased and the bereaved. At funerals, a clergyman wears a white gown as seen in wedding ceremonies, sings the hymn, gives a sermon and words of farewell, and offers flowers.

The deceased will be lifted up in prayer at one’s last moment, coffining, and cremation.

Funeral services are held for those other than our congregation. Please inquire the church for further information.


Children’s Blessings

Celebrating the milestones in children’s lives, such as birth, entrance to preschool, secondary and higher education, our rector will pray with God’s blessings for children to grow healthily.

Please contact us on such occasions to offer blessings at church. Blessings are also offered during “Shichigosan,” a traditional Japanese custom celebrating girls of three, five, and seven years of age.


Baptism and Confirmation

The church follows the path of Jesus and is a place for people to share joy and sadness of life as well as happiness and suffering.

Baptism is where one becomes a follower of Jesus and promises to become a member of the church. In Nippon Sei Ko Kai, baptism is generally administered by pouring Holy Water on the forehead of the candidate. As a token of baptism, the newly-baptized then takes part in the Holy Eucharist, a sacrament of Christ’s body and blood. As were the disciples of Jesus, he/she also participates in the Last Supper to be given bread as his body and wine as his blood and be admitted into this world. In addition, the bishop, who succeeds the church history, stands to represent all churches by placing his hand on the head of the newly baptized to confirm the power of God within us and ensures admittance. This is called confirmation.


Visiting the Sick (visitations)

A prayer for people with physical or mental disability. The rector or the member/s of the congregation makes a visit to hospitals or homes to pray, along with God, to give healing, comfort, and hope.

It is traditional for churches within Nippon Sei Ko Kai to visit local people with difficulties and pray for them. Please contact us in times of unexpected accidents, solitude from mental illness, or in a state of difficulty recovering from any situation.