Pastoral Care & Other Works

Pastoral Care for Local Communities by the Diocese of Chubu

Churches, from the beginning, have continued to speak out about the joy of living and being a voice for the unspoken ones who are in midst of difficulties within the society and/or community. We call this a “Pastoral Care.” There is various pastoral care being offered to the local community from each church, and below are part of the work through the Diocese of Chubu.

Social Mission

Holds study meetings on peace, human rights, and environmental problems. Statements are made when necessary.

Let Us Walk Together! Project

Collaborating with Nippon Sei Ko Kai “Disaster Victims’ Support Center in Shinchi” and “No-Nuke Project,” we come together with victims suffering from radioactive contamination and help raise awareness on nuclear power plant and radioactive contamination.

Supporting the Homeless

Offer cooked food for the homeless by working with other Christian denominations.

Supporting the Prisoners

Priests and congregations visit the imprisoned.

Sexual Minority Programs/Communion (LGBTQ+)

Nagoya St. Matthew’s Church holds monthly Holy Eucharist with the sexual minority (LGBTQ+). Reverend Ambrosia Kaori Goto is in charge. Please feel free to consult us about any concerns you have about your gender issue. Contact Form

Social Mission

A diocesan facility specializing in activities in the local community together with the church.

Nagoya Youth Center

International Students Heights (student housing), rental rooms, international children’s school, children’s programs, study tours, support activities for the needy are offered. (Nagoya City, Aichi)

Aichi St. Luke’s Center

Offers children’s arts and crafts lessons such as “the Artisan Club” as a part of church activity for the local community. (Owariasahi City, Aichi)

Chubu Diocesan Center

Rental halls and meeting rooms are available. Wedding ceremonies and various lectures are offered. Religious corporation-related work, general affairs, education, and program planning. (Nagoya City, Aichi)

Related Organizations

Related organizations have arisen to enhance and increase the expertise, continuity, and public interests of the community activities through churches in the Chubu Diocese.

  • Educational Institution Ryujo Gakuin
  • Educational Institution Seiko Gakuen
  • Social Welfare Corporation Gifu Associa
  • Social Welfare Corporation Nippon Sei Ko Kai Ueda Social Welfare
  • Educational Institution Seijuji Gakuen
  • New Life Hospital
  • NPO Powell
  • NPO One Dime
  • Educational Institution Nippon Sei Ko Kai Seibo Gakuen
  • Educational Institution Nippon Sei Ko Kai Momiji Kindergarten
  • Educational Institution Nippon Sei Ko Kai Gakuen