The 100-Year History of the Diocese

My sincere congratulations on the publication of “The History of the Diocese of Chubu II: 100th Establishment Anniversary.”  I greatly appreciate the time, effort, passion, and perseverance of all members of the Record Archive Department who took part in the editorial work.   

This publication started being discussed in 2007, as written in the editorial note.  In 1962, there was a publication of the 50th-year issue of “The History of the Diocese,” but taking the opportunity of the centennial of the Diocese in 2012, we felt a need to properly put together our history after our 50th year.  So, the preparation began for the next centennial issue.        

In October 2012, with many participants from within and outside the country, we were able to hold our 100th anniversary service for the establishment of the diocese as well as occasions related to those.  Even if the centennial issue may not be completed in time for the anniversary year, the goal was to keep an accurate record, and editing was proceeded taking time.        

In the editorial note of “The History of the Diocese” says, “In this History, it only tells about the members of the clergy, and nothing is mentioned about the lay people.  This can not be stated as the true history of the diocese.”  “The History of the Diocese of Chubu II” tells not only about the lay people, but also widely depicts the history of the Diocese, churches, and related facilities.  However, the writing was done mainly by the lay people of each church and facility employees.

Speaking from that point of view, if the first was a publication edited mainly by the members of the clergy, the second is a one which was written and edited by the collaboration of the lay people and members of the clergy.  This may be said to be the “true history of the diocese.” 

The book binding is firm, so it will sufficiently endure the many years to come in preserving its condition.  I do hope many people will take a moment to read this publication, and hopefully, it becomes of encouragement and power for missionary work. 

The Rt Revd Peter Ichiro Shibusawa