“Ryujo Women’s College Aiming Higher”

 Ryujo Gakuin (St. Mary’s) marking its 121st year of establishment this year has been approved for a four-year college, “Nagoya Ryujo Women’s College (Department of Child Studies).”  Currently, it consists of St. Mary’s College, Nagoya and three affiliated kindergartens, and this new four-year college will be joining anew.   

The plan for the four-year college started to be taken into consideration two years ago, and through board meetings and councilors meetings, made a formal approval request to the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) last October.  The application had been accepted, and examination was underway.  It was approved through paper works, interviews, and on-site examinations on the aptitude of the college as an organization, detailed examination of the contents of the education, the faculty system, and maintenance of facilities.  I myself also went to MEXT several times for interviews by the college council, and there was also an examination by the committee member at the junior college as well.  I am relieved it was approved and finished smoothly.  

The present-day social needs for child nursing and education have become diversified and complex.  Childcare workers are required to have not only a high degree of specialization, but also a broad, social perspective and a sense of mission as someone who holds the lives of many.  Furthermore, nursing from the point of view of multicultural coexistence is seen as necessary in Aichi Prefecture. 

In order to meet such needs, the existing junior college, on top of nursery teacher trainings, organized a new curriculum and improved the campus environment to address the four-year nursery teacher trainings.  I hope this further heightens the childcare teacher training on top of the existing achievements and experiences at Ryujo.  

Student recruitment will be starting soon.  In order to secure the number of students, the student supporting system is being organized including scholarship enhancements.  I hope the new Ryujo can provide more students the opportunity to learn, and I sincerely ask all people within the diocese for your understanding and support for the further development of Ryujo.

The Rt Revd Peter Ichiro Shibusawa