Not in the event that…but it’s half and half

The title phrase comes from a TV advertising campaign promoting people to go have cancer checkups.  In the TV commercial, the husband and wife are playing tennis, and the husband says, “In the event that I develop cancer…”  Then the wife clearly replies by saying, “Not in the event that, but it’s half and half.” 

Today, one out of two people develop cancer, and one out of three die from cancer.  In that sense, it can be said that anyone can get cancer, but the question is, will we be able to calmly cope with it if we are diagnosed with cancer?  Probably not.  And, it is questionable whether cancer may be cured easily.  Even after surgery or ending medicinal treatments, patients must continue checking their progress over a period of several years.  They also must deal with the possibility of recurrence and other matters which may be stressful. 

There are several people around me who are going through this.  They are all receiving treatments and are positively leading their daily lives.  I send my warmest regards to them all.

It is best if no one becomes ill, but we cannot help it as long as we are human.  A famous actress, Kirin Kiki, who passed away recently, had said, “If illness is evil and health is good, life would be no fun.”  I truly feel the same way.  Illness is of course not evil, and it is not of a negative matter in life. 

Jesus said to the blind men “the works of God might be displayed,” and he touched and healed people with leprosy.  Jesus became deeply involved with our illness and gave us encouragement and healing.  I would like to remember that Jesus watches over us. 

It is “not in an event that… but it’s half and half.”  Therefore, let’s get ourselves over to the doctor’s office for a checkup.

The Rt Revd Peter Ichiro Shibusawa