My Cellphone, an Immobile phone

The first time I had a cell phone was when I was at a church in Gifu. (Around 1989) As I recall, one of the church members had one of those big shoulder-strap mobile phones back then.  It was a fine one, but I believe it did not have such good reception. 

Cell phones are becoming more and more convenient day by day.  I too have a cell phone, but it is one of the old types and not the recent so-called “smart phones.”  Cellphones are, for sure, convenient, and we are able to make phone calls whenever and wherever we want.  However, at time of receiving phone calls, phones ring not matter where you are, and oftentimes, I am startled.  There are those who answer phones even if they are in a middle of a meeting, but on the other hand, I am one of those who feel hesitant in doing so.  I believe this is because I would like to concentrate on the meeting that I am taking part in.  So, I make it a habit to return my unanswered phone calls after meetings. (I forget to return those unanswered calls these days, though.)

And when I am talking to a person one on one and his/her phone rings and they answer, I cannot help but think what our conversation and situation mean to that person.  Maybe I am just old-minded.  

There are times when I do not have my cell phone with me.  I do not take it with me to the bathroom.  I sometimes forget to take my cell phone with me when I leave my house.  Those are usually the times when phones ring.  My wife thinks that my cell phone is of no use, and I think she is right.  However, I feel horrified when I think how my life would be if my life is centered around my cellphone.  For those who call me on my cellphone and get no answer, please forgive me if I do not answer right away.