Diocese of Chubu welcomes you

Welcome to the Diocese of Chubu, NSKK!

The NSKK, the Nippon Sei Ko Kai or the Anglican Church in Japan is the church in communion with the See of Canterbury in England and recognize the Archbishop of Canterbury as the focus of unity within the communion.
As a worldwide family of churches, the Anglican Communion has more than 80 million adherents in 38 provinces spreading across 165 countries including the Church of England, the Episcopal Church in the USA, the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and the Iglesia Filipina Indepediente.
Its mission in Japan started in 1859 with the Rt. Rev. C. M. Williams from the Episcopal Church in the USA.
The NSKK , which was established in 1887, now has 11 dioceses and more than 300 churches with related schools, hospitals and welfare institutions, such as the Rikkyo(St.Paul’s) University and the St.Luke’s International Hospital.

The diocese of Chubu was founded in 1912 and it covers Aichi, Gifu, Nagano and Niigata Prefecture.
We have now 26 churches and many institutions.

In our diocese, there is an English-speaking congregation, mainly Filipino. It is the Kani Holy Trinity Church, which is situated in Kani City, Gifu.

Diocese of Chubu welcomes you!